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Sarah McCulloch is an award winning Country/Folk singer-songwriter whose sweet and sultry voice cuts through the lush musical productions that have earned her both local and international recognition. Her last album, Sawmiller's Daughter, received glowing reviews and spawned the award-winning song "Sugartown," which is as authentically Floridian as she is. Sarah is collaborating once again with producer Jim Bickerstaff and outlaw guitar slinger Raiford Starke for an acoustic album release scheduled for May 2024. With her penchant for emotive, nostalgic lyrics and timeless storytelling, her new collection of songs is sure to captivate her ever-growing audience.

Breaking News

FEBRUARY 28, 2024 -- Sarah has been recognized by the State of Florida's Division of Arts and Culture for her significant contribution to country music.  Sarah's music is being added to the Folklife Program's online encyclopedia of Florida music. Her page will be published publicly on the Department of State's website in May of 2024, just before the Florida Folk Festival. The Folklife Program has also invited her to perform at the Folklife stage at the 2024 Florida Folk Festival.

FEBRUARY 8, 2024 -- Sarah has been announced as one of the winners of the 2024 South Florida Folk and Acoustic Music Festival's Singer-Songwriter Competition. Her outstanding performance of "Hippie Tattoo" and "Luella," two songs that will be featured on her upcoming album, secured her position in the top three of this fiercely competitive nationwide competition.


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